Sreeram M. Sreenath

MS Information Systems

Technical Skills

Object-oriented programming:
Python, Java
Front-end tech/frameworks:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS
Web, Android, Unix
Relational databases:
MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite


I'm a software developer from Boston, USA. I'm currently pursuing master's program in Information Systems at Northeastern University and I'm looking for new opportunities. I'm most at home being a java developer and I really enjoy coding in java. However I also have experience in building web applications. I have prior experience in server-side development and working with databases. Consistency and clear communication have always been very important to me and I'm a quick learner who is always eager to pick up new technologies.


PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore South campus
Bachelor's degree in Information Science and Engineering
Bangalore, India
Aug 2009 - May 2013
Northeastern University
Master's degree in Information Systems
Boston, USA
Sep 2015 - present


Zugzwang Pvt. Ltd.
Business Analyst
Bangalore, India
Mar 2014 - May 2015
  • Gathered and analysed data from various data sources and made reports using spreadsheets.
  • Designed online dashboards for company founder using web technologies.
  • Monitored company's website analytics with google analytics. Made reports for marketing team.
Eclipse Innovations
Business Analyst
Bangalore, India
Aug 2013 - Feb 2014
  • Built automated reply system to emails from google spreadsheets, using scripts
  • Built a time-logging system with automated report genaration, in java
  • Educated and implemented of the use of cloud based tools for administrative work. This greatly improved efficiency of the organization


Design: User interfaces, user experience, layouts and themes, LaTeX
Internet: Latest web tech, open-source projects, software development blogs
Fun: Film, chess, television, swimming/walking, politics

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